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Student Parking Registration Information

Where to Register? When to register?

  • Please click the blue 'online registration' button to the right to begin.

  • Senior Registration: Opens May 24th, 7am

  • Junior Registration: Opens May 26th, 7am

Be prepared to complete the following questions for the online registration

  • Last name / First name / Middle Initial (according to powerschool)

  • Student ID # (according to powerschool)

  •  Grade level

  • School email address

  • License Plate # (the car you will be driving / you can register up to 2 vehicles)

  • Vehicle make / model / year / color

  • You will agree to the Laney HS Parking requirements & NHCS Parking requirements. It is your responsibility to understand those before registering. The forms can be found on the website under parking. 


Does registering guarantee me a parking spot for the school year?

No, student parking is limited. All rising Seniors who register during the designated period will be guaranteed a spot. Failure to complete the registration during that time may result in no parking spot. Any rising Junior who tries to register during the Senior period will be placed at the bottom of the parking list. You must hold a valid driver’s license before the first day of school to receive a parking decal. See details below if you will not have a driver’s license by the first day of school.

9th and 10th grade students are not allowed to drive to campus for any reason. 

What are my options once all of the parking spots have been sold?

Once we are sold out, that is it. Your name will be added to a waiting list and you will be notified if a space becomes available. It will be your responsibility to arrange alternate transportation.

How will I know when I can pick up my parking decal?

Notification will be sent to your student email letting you know if you have been approved for student parking and when you may pick it up. 

Please make sure that you have all the required items when picking up your decal. If you are unable to come and pick up your decal, you may send a representative in your place but they must have all the appropriate documentation.

  • Driver’s license

  • Vehicle Registration

  • $20.00 for parking decal / be prepared to pay off all other fines


Parking Policies for Laney High School

Due to the high demand for student parking, attendance and academics is a part of maintaining a parking decal for the entire school year. The following expectations are listed below:

  • Must have passed all of their classes or have a 2.0 weighted GPA based on previous nine weeks grades 

  • Must have 6 or less absences in any one class based on previous nine weeks attendance 

  • A report will be generated and ran every 9 weeks to check these requirements

  • Any student who fails to meet these requirements will be placed on probation for the next 9 weeks. Students and parents will be notified of this probation by school administration. If that student does not meet the requirements at the end of the next 9 weeks, their decal will be revoked for the remainder of the year and will be given to the next student on the waiting list.