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Graduation Updates/Procedures



Graduation 2021

Information for Seniors and Families


We know everyone is beginning to feel the excitement of graduation.  It is the first major milestone in one’s lifetime, and should be celebrated.  As we begin planning to host the graduation ceremonies at Laney’s football stadium, we would like to provide some guidelines and information for all seniors and their families to make sure our celebration is safe, and carried out in the honorable tradition set forth by Laney seniors and families before you.  Please review the information below with your family members that will be attending the ceremony.

We wish you the very best in your next adventure!


In Buccaneer Pride,

Mrs. Dousharm



Thursday, May 27th    6:00PM

Graduates should arrive no later than 5:00 in the cafeteria

Gate for football stadium will open at 5:00 for families


Saturday, May 29th    10:00AM

Graduates should arrive no later than 9:00 in the cafeteria

Gate for football stadium will open at 9:00 for families


In addition, graduation will be Live Streamed on our YouTube Channel for anyone that would like to watch from home


Students, please take moment to watch this brief informational video for a general overview on the procedures of the night

Student Instruction Video

Graduates Dress Attire Requirements

Graduates must wear the approved cap-n-gown with the Laney logo collar

Approved clothing:

●     Bottoms: skirt, slacks, dress pants, dress - NO JEANS, NO SHORTS

●     Tops: collared shirt and tie are optional, but a nice shirt is required.  NO T-SHIRTS

●      Avoid wearing heels that will sink in the ground.  Opt for wedges, sandals, etc…


Basically, please dress in your Sunday best or Business-type attire

●     Caps cannot be decorated per board policy.

●     Only school issued cords and collars can be worn per board policy


COVID Screening and Details

●     Masks will not be required for this outside event.  However, all families must sit together,and social distancing must be maintained between families.

○     Staff will be on hand to usher families into the bleachers in an effort to maintain the flow, and monitor space.

○     Once the home side of the bleachers is at capacity, families will be seated on the visitors side.  We will have to use both sets of bleachers.

●     Graduates will need a mask while in the cafeteria preparing for the ceremony.


Graduation Spectators Rules and Regulations

Please make sure you read the memo from the Sheriff's department that has been included in this email. 

●     No bull horns, or any other noise makers

●     No umbrellas - please do not block the view of other spectators

●     All spectators will be screened by security for inappropriate items

○     Security screening will go faster if pocketbooks and such are left in your car.  Secure your pocketbooks and bookbags in the trunk of your car.  Bring only what you need to the stadium such as your keys and a camera.

●     Balloons and signs will not be allowed to avoid blocking the view of other spectators.  If these items are brought to the stadium, you will be asked to leave them at the gate.

●     Spectators must remain seated in the bleachers until the ceremony is over. 


Note:  If you have a family member that will need to to view graduation from the wheelchair  accessible platform, please let us know when you pick up your tickets.  One family member will be allowed to sit with that person on the platform.  We will need a final count for chairs.


Graduation Tickets

●     All seniors are required to complete this form prior to receiving graduation tickets. This allows us to communicate with you as needed following graduation and send final transcripts to your college or institution of choice.

●     Each senior will receive 6 tickets

●     There will be no extra tickets to request, however graduation will be Live Streamed to watch on our Youtube Channel

●     Tickets will be distributed to seniors the week of graduation.

●     Seniors and parents may choose to share any extra tickets not needed by his/her family, to those searching for extras.  However, each ceremony will have its own color coded ticket and they are not interchangeable.

●     Seniors must be cleared of the following before receiving their tickets:

○     Any debts/fines owed - seniors with outstanding due bills from previous years will receive a statement in the mail.  Please note that does not include any debt for lost books, uniforms, etc…. accumulated this school year.  Staff will turn that information in towards the end of the semester.

○     Fines or books owed to the media center - Mr. Jones has been emailing seniors that owe a fine or book(s) to the media center.  If you have received an email from him, please take care of that ASAP.

○     Athletic and/or ROTC uniforms

○     Laptop and/or wifi devices - If you have lost a device, to include the charger, or damaged a device, we strongly suggest you bring the device in for evaluation ASAP in order to be billed for repairs, or lost items.  Those will need to be paid before receiving your tickets.  Do not wait!


Distribution of Graduation Tickets will take place in the cafeteria

○      Monday, May 24th              1:30 - 4:00

○     Tuesday, May 25th                 1:30 - 4:00

○     Wednesday, May 26th            1:30 - 4:00

○     All seniors will visit the clearing station to determine if you need to return devices andor have outstanding fines.  Any outstanding fines/debts will have to be paid prior to receiving your tickets.

○     Seniors that have laptops and/or wifi divides will return those items at this time if you have not done so before the distribution dates.

■     Devices will be checked thoroughly to make sure they are in good condition and working properly.  Any damages and/or lost items not already assessed will be assessed for charges at that time, and the senior will need to take care of the fine before receiving graduation tickets.

Once again, please do not get caught off guard owing money, uniforms, debt, fines, books, damages or lost devices.  Take care of these items as soon as possible so you do not run into a delay getting your tickets, or cannot get your tickets at all.


NOTE:  Cords, Collars, PTSA Academic pins, and other special awards that have not been distributed, will be done at this time as well.




Inclement weather Information

As we all know, it can be raining in one part of Wilmington, and not others. If we experience pop up showers, or weather that may move out of the way, we will delay the ceremony. However, if inclement weather is forecasted, we will move the ceremony. The weather will be monitored a few hours prior to each ceremony to determine a delay or change. Notifications of delays and/or rescheduled ceremonies will be sent through the all call system and the Remind App.  Each group below has a Remind code.  Please limit one person per each graduate (senior or parent), signing up for your assigned code.



Thursday’s make-up date will be Friday, May 28th at 6:00PM.  Should inclement weather prevent graduation at the stadium on Friday, we will move graduation to the new gym as follows:


6:00pm            Seniors with last names         A-L                  @thural

8:00pm            Seniors with last names         M-Z                 @thurmz


Should Saturday’s weather prevent graduation at the stadium, we will hold graduation in the new gym as follows:


10:00AM         Seniors with last names         A-K                  @saturdayak

12:00AM         Seniors with last names         L-Z                   @saturdaylz




In addition, please see this Signed GraduationLetter.pdf about additional policies and procedures.