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Credit for Demonstrated Mastery- Spring Deadline

Deadline for Student Spring applications: Feb. 3, 2020


Students who want to accelerate their coursework to achieve their academic goals may apply for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM). The CDM process allows students to earn credit in a particular course by demonstrating proficiency in the subject without completing the classroom instruction.   All North Carolina students in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery in the available courses. Credit by Demonstrated Mastery is a two-phase process: 


Phase I:  Establishes that a student has a strong foundational knowledge of a subject area, assessed through an End of Course test or exam. The

student must achieve a Level 5 on the EOC/state assessment or 90% correct on the local exam,  then the student may move on to Phase II. 


 Phase II: Establishes that a student can demonstrate and apply mastery knowledge of the course content.  A student must provide an assigned

artifact assessed by a school review team in order to achieve credit for the course.


The timeline for applying for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery for the Spring 2020:


CDM Spring 2020 Schedule

Jan. 6 - Feb. 3 Student Application window


Apps turned in to GES. GES will counsel students on CDM

By Feb. 7 Test Coordinators submit tests requests

Feb. 17-20 CDM Assessment at school sites

March 2 CDM phase I results reported to students and families

By March 9 Artifact assigned to students continuing to phase II

By April 17 Artifact deadline (should be turned in to school CDM contact)

By May 6 CDM Review Panel disseminates results



CDM credit earned in Spring 2020 should inform placement in Fall 2020 or Spring of 2021


Click here for a link to the CDM application.  To learn more about CDM, visit DPI’s CDM website, or contact me.


Please reach out to Angela.Jeffery@nhcs.net with any questions