Emsley A Laney High School


Our Treasure is Knowledge


Directions to the School

From I-40

I-40 turns into College Road (Hwy. 132)
  1. Take Hwy. 132 exit (420) from I-40. You will circle around to end up facing Gordon Road. Go straight.
  2. Continue on College Road/Hwy. 132. Turn right at 2nd stoplight.

From Hwy. 74-76, 421

Cross the Cape Fear River (Memorial Bridge), enter Wilmington by way of Dawson Street
  1. Continue on Dawson Street, following Hwy. 76. Hwy. 76 will turn onto Oleander Drive
  2. Follow Oleander Drive to College Road
  3. Turn left onto College Road
  4. Take Hwy. 132 exit (420B) from College Road/I-40. You will merge onto College Road/Hwy. 132.
  5. Turn right at 2nd stoplight